What’s New On the Farm? 3×1=3, 3×2=6, 3×3=9…

What’s New On the Farm? 3×1=3, 3×2=6, 3×3=9…

I really hesitated when it came to writing this post.  I never want this blog to seem whiny or attention seeking.  However, due to an influx of emails, texts, and comments worried because of my ‘internet silence’, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of the last couple of weeks.

You know how ‘THEY” say trouble comes in threes?  Well, sometimes, it comes in multiples of threes!  In the last two-ish weeks:

When it rains it pours!
This is the road out of our place, but not our car.
  1. Sam, Grace, Jonah, and I were all taken out by cold-zilla.
  2. The kids shook it off pretty quickly, but mine turned into double pneumonia.
  3. I had a terrible reaction to the antibiotics they gave me.  (It was worse than the ‘elephant on my chest’ pneumonia symptoms.)
  4. We unexpectedly lost one of our Irish Wolfhounds.  We’re all heartbroken, including our other wolfie.  (I’m gonna move on quickly, so I don’t start to sniffle.)
  5. My car broke down leaving me stranded and facing an unexpected repair bill.
  6. Our area had significant flooding.  Roads were shut down.  Homes and business were damaged.  Several local farmers lost cattle due to drowning.  Our internet went down and stayed down.
There is actually a field of maize under that lake!
Now, for the good stuff:
  1. We’re all recovered from our bugs.
  2. The remaining wolfie is clingy and panicky, but is eating well and seems healthy.
  3. The car issue, while still a $$$$ hit, wasn’t the trashed transmission or burned out motor I feared.
  4. The flood waters have receded, and there was (to my knowledge) no loss of human life.
  5. Our internet seems to have finally recovered and is back to its ‘reliably iffy’ norm.
  6. The turkeys and chicks we hatched are thriving, and the meat chickens are ready for freezer camp.  (If you’ve ever raised ‘creepy meats’, you’ll understand the relief that engenders!)

    I don’t know if you can tell, but that lake size swath of water was actually flowing like a fast river. It’s pasture land, but went up and into some of the business you can see.
  7. We’re soon to have a visit from my amazing mother-in-law.
  8. My Pa gave us some wonderful things salvaged from his barn.  These will be put to great use on our place.  (Who knew fence panels and rusty claw foot tubs could inspire nostalgia!?!)
  9. We have a wonderful knowledgeable compassionate vet.  If you’re in East Texas, email me!  I can’t recommend him highly enough.  We’ve used him for big and small animal work, and he never fails to impress us.  (Although, I’m not sure if he considers a wolfie a big or small animal! 😉  )
You will be missed, Sweet Baby!

So thank you, lovely friends, for checking on us!  I’m working on a couple of posts about pressure canning.  I’m hoping the first of these will be ready to post on Wednesday.  I also have a potential Friday’s at the Funny Farm post.  However, my family and I are debating if it’s really funny or just funny to us!  It’s sometimes hard to predict what might offend people.  We got a few head-shaking amazed giggles from the tale, but we know we’re weird!

We were happy to see this between rain storms! A few people were watching for a guy named Noah and his boat!

I’ve missed talking to everyone, and I look forward to catching up!  Leave me a comment if you have a moment!  I love hearing about the adventures in your corner of the world!

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  1. Very sorry it has been a hard couple of weeks. So sorry for the family’s loss also, we all know how important our pets become to us. Hopefully, it will get better.

  2. Saying goodbye to fur babies is never easy. So sorry for your loss. My goodness you have all been through the wringer. It’s no wonder we haven’t heard from you of late.
    Who cares if someone else doesn’t think your story is funny. Go ahead and put it out there.

    1. I think I’ll write the story and see if people freak out or laugh along.

      I’m just kind of holding my breath and hoping we’re through this rough patch. It’s either that or I’ll do my best Miss Scarlett and say, “Tomorrow is another day!” Lol! Thanks, for checking on me Jane! Have a great week!

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