What’s New On the Farm: Limping Along

What’s New On the Farm: Limping Along

It’s been a while since my last update.  Then, I told you about Liam being hit by the assault and battering ram. After that, Liam was left with a bum knee, a bad limp, and a surgical appointment.  Well…hmm…he still has the bum knee and the bad limp, but the surgery was cancelled by the worst insurance company ever foisted on the American worker!

Apparently, since there’s arthritis in the knee, the insurance can refuse to fix the injury for three months!  Despite all three surgeons’ opinions, evidence of an acute injury, and the sudden onset of pain and symptoms, a pencil pushing TWIT at the insurance firm gets to make the call to stall. (TWIT-Totally Without Intelligent Thought)


Due to the time it took to hop through three surgeons worth of insurance hoops, Liam’s job would be at risk if he got the knee fixed now.  So, he works days, ices nights, and limps consistantly while muttering imprecations at the insurance industry as a whole!

That’s all I have to say about that.–Forrest Gump  (Seriously, it’s a family friendly blog and anything else I say might cross that line!)

In other news, we lost the infamously zany Number 29.  No, I did not send her to freezer camp.  Yes, we did everything we could to save her.  Yes, we still miss her and her goofy-silly-leap-head-first-into-the-swimming-pool personality!

The zany, but endearing Number 29.

Remember the book The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H. G. Wells?  No?  Well, in it there are these weird hybrid animal creatures.  Pig/man, bird/man, and hyena/pig all populate the island.  Well, we believe that Number 29 was proof that sheep and squirrels can be crossbred!  But, we really REALLY liked her.

On the brighter side of that sheep-y coin, we had illicit sheep tomfoolery of the lamb making variety! In a pen where everyone was female, three ewes suddenly gave birth!  Clearly, there were some unsanctioned slumber parties!  We have two little ewe lambs and one baby ram.  They are popcorning around their pen and driving their mothers to distraction!

Our midnight surprise!

The best part is that one of the ewe lambs belongs to Number 31!  She’s our friendly in-your-space herd martiarch.  We’re thrilled to have a ewe lamb from her.  Her babies typically have her disposition, but the only surviving lambs from her were male.

This third breeding got the right result, even if the lamb was born on the wrong side of the blanket.  Since we don’t know which ram is the baaaaa-by-daddy, we can’t register the lamb or any of her future baaaaaaaaa-bies.  (Fences have been reinforced to prevent future unscheduled shennanigans!)

The clean and tidy ‘after’ photo, for those of you who complained that the new born lamb was wet and ‘icky’. (You know who you are! 😉 )

Speaking of babies, Poppy, our black New Zealand doe, had a litter of nine!  The proud papa is Pfeffer our black New Zealand buck.  Of the nine, the colour variations are amazing!  We knew that both parents carry the blue gene.  (Blue rabbit fur is similar in color to a Russian Blue cat.)  However, just look at the crazy genetic dice rolling that happened here!  I think Gregor Mendel himself would be scratching his head at the Punnett squares!

The kids are doing great.  Our Christmas had to be postponed a few days, because I worked.  The perk to this was that my lovely mother-in-law was able to come and stay!  We all had a wonderful time and ate WAY TOO MUCH!  Our Christmas gifts were much-loved, mostly useful, and many homemade.  I got that doodad I’d been craving, and Dad did NOT get a usual Christmas tie!

In fact, Liam ordered a print I’d seen and fallen in love with!  It looks just like my much beloved Cathal, the wolfhound we lost a few months ago.  Liam also ordered a frame and got it all put together.  It looks amazing and just like my boy!  I can’t wait to get the stairwell painted and hang it with a few other pieces of Irish and wolfhound art.  This won’t really fit the Farmhouse style of our home, but it will certainly fit our family!

I don’t want to post the art without the artist’s consent. So, here is my beautiful boy and his favorite cat.

I’m working like a maniac to save money for puppies and farm improvements.  (In that order.  Seriously!)  We’re on a waiting list for puppies.  Since before losing Cathal, we’ve been listed for three litters that didn’t take.  So, we’re still waiting.  There’s a lady in our state that raises amazing dogs, so we are holding out for her pups.

Maeve, our girlie wolfhound, remains moderately neurotic, but is doing well.  She still misses her brother and looks for him, but is getting used to the new norm.  She took a few days to adjust to the new bed Santa brought her.  The dogs always slept on whichever bed was closest.  We never considered that his scent on the old bed was her comfort blankie.  She kept leaving the new one and going off to look for their old bed.  Finally, the kids and I took turns lying down with her. She decided that a new bed might not be the end of the world.  Poor old girl, I miss him too.

Hmmm….What else?  Well, the chickens are on strike!  I’ve tried all the things one should try to ‘encourage’ them to lay, but to no avail!  I’m considering going to their pen with a roasting pan and ladle.  Then I’ll beat that pan like a gong to get their attention.  Once silence falls and they’re staring in nervous but rapt attention, I’ll make serious chicken and dumpling based threats!  The threats will continue until egg making resumes!

Well, I believe that is all the news that’s worth sharing.  I hope to post more frequently when work settles down.

Leave a comment if you get the chance!  I would love to hear how things are going in your corner of the world!


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  1. Ugh! I heard a thing from basketball players years ago that I’ve always remembered (little morsels that don’t pertain to me but take up valuable brain space) that is ‘knees need rest.’ Doesn’t sound like that’s getting to happen. I won’t start on insurance but will just say grrrrr. My psychotic chickens haven’t stopped laying which is good because if they had, I might have had to borrow that roasting pan 😉

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