Keepin’ It Real, Yo (Wow! That sounds dorky even to me.)

Keepin’ It Real, Yo (Wow!  That sounds dorky even to me.)

Someone forgot to tell Life there was a plan!


You know those days that just don’t work out?  Yep, I’ve had a couple of those this week.  Nothing terrible or tragic, just a steady stream of irritating and inconvenient.  There were some positives too!  I’m not really planning to moan or whine; I’m just pointing out that I have days where the plan does NOT cover the contingencies!  (Before you read this, let me say this week was atypical.  I’m careful to allow myself enough sleep to be safe on the road and at work.  This was the farm equivalent of normal people working after being up all night with a puking kid.)

Let’s get down to the play-by-play:

I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights this week.  So, Sunday night I made a dish we love that would provide enough leftovers for Monday night.  No problems there.

However, Tuesday morning, I had a bit of a kerfuffle at work and left an hour late.   Remember, this is when I got off after Monday night.  So, I hit worse traffic and arrived home an hour and a half late.  Rather than making something in the crockpot, I asked the kids to pick something and cook.  Then, I dragged myself to bed.   When I woke a few hours later (to head back to work), I had a problem.  Grace had come up with a dinner plan.  (That kid rocks!)  However, the delay meant dinner wasn’t ready when I left.  I ended up with two-day old stromboli for dinner.  It was edible, but meh.

Wednesday morning, I got off work at the earliest possible moment.  I was pumped; I hit the freeway with plans to throw dinner in the crock and be in bed by 09:00 am.  Then, I was stuck behind not one, but TWO wrecks.  I’m grateful I was behind and not in the wrecks, but the freeway was shut down for two hours.  I arrived home after 11:00 am.

When I arrived, I discovered a sheep in labor.  She had difficulties and needed help.  (The end result was the most adorable lamb ever and an underdeveloped stillborn twin. It was heartbreaking.)  Being Super-Mom (Please, refrain from laughing aloud.),  I threw dinner in the crock before crawling into bed for a couple of hours. When I awoke, I realized I’d miscalculated.  I set the crock on low which takes about eight hours.  I only had two or three hours to sleep.  The family had a great dinner, but it was half raw when I left for work.

What did I do?  I picked up Chick-fil-A on my way through town.  You know what?  It was tasty, and I didn’t feel guilty at all!  I didn’t fail to plan or choose to spend that extra money.  (It did cost money I didn’t really need to spend.)  I planned, but life went sideways.  You can only anticipate so much.  I miscalculated the time needed to cook dinner, but I refuse to feel bad about it.  Mistakes happen, especially when we’re tired, grumpy, and upset.  (The lambs, remember?)

I could’ve eaten breakfast bars, boiled eggs, or Lara bars for supper.  I had them all with me for snacks, but that would have set me up for an annoyed grumpy evening.  Instead, I enjoyed my chicken sandwich.  I’ve reached the point where a fast food meal is very rare.  Instead of feeling bad, I’m proud those kinds of meals are almost a treat!  Our lifestyle isn’t about guilt or regret, it’s about making consistent choices that support our goals.  Goofy days happen, we just have to make sure they are the exception and not the rule!

In case you’re wondering, I got off work Thursday morning and drove to a meeting. I’m teaching some food preservation classes and we talked scheduling.  I made it home about 1:00 pm Thursday afternoon.  I took a two-hour nap, then woke to spend the evening with family.  At 11:00 pm,  I laid down and slept like a log until 9:00 am.  I think the fog is beginning to clear…

Did anyone else have a week that refused to stick to the plan?  How did you handle it?  Please, leave a comment below if you have time.  I really do get excited when I hear from y’all!


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